woops, i took a long time to update the page again, my bad! this update is pretty quick though, and is just to say that i had to go in and update all of the links for my gallery for the art to show up again. i'm currently using discord to host the images, and those expire after a while...but now i know!

in the short term all i have to do is generate new links for the art, but i probably should figure out a better long-term solution. i'm thinking about maybe getting dropbox and sharing the links from there, but i've heard that doesn't work? if anyone knows, please let me know in my guestbook! additionally, if anyone uses anything in particular for image serving that they recommend i use instead, please let me know that as well!

other than that though, i plan on just doing some more maintanence on the site again over the next little bit. specifically, i wanna add some more "personality" to the site with my own drawings and stay tuned for that i guess

anyways, thats all. have a good one wherever you are!