long time no see, huh? updating the site over the summer didn't really happen, whoops. every time i thought of doing something on it, i realized how much time it would take and decided against it. that being said, i feel like i've gotten my schedule more under control now and can start contributing to the site again!

i'm updating my gallery with some more art as we speak just to make it look nice and shiny. i'm also debating making a more specific 'characters' page for some things that i'm working on as opposed to just throwing everything in the gallery, but we'll see if i get around to doing that. there's a few more organization things like that i wanna do, but after that i think i'm gonna finally revamp the site to look a bit better! i have a few ideas of things i wanna do and just need to figure out how to execute them.

other than all that, i'm really trying to stop using traditional social media as much. i've gone through and deleted most of my twitter accounts now, so i'll pretty much only be available here and the few messaging platforms i use (telegram & discord). i'll post my handles for those in my about page i think actually so they're a bit more visible.

also, i'm working on finally getting a new computer so that i can start doing a lot of the creative endeavors and games i want to do again! hopefully that'll come in the next few weeks and i can get to grinding. maybe i'll even start getting stuff together to finally start streaming again in the new year...who knows...

i'm not promising anything since i'm kinda bad at that, but i'm gonna try to write another blog post before the year's out! also i hope anyone reading this is having a good holiday season and a great time :)

peace out for now!